There are many shortcuts and if youre experienced with daw software you shouldn’t have to look at the manual that much. There ARE ways around that though through pre-processing the individual tracks instead of live processing. So, this card is good for two things: Our members also liked: And LE was remarkably powerful for the price. I remember having russi PT run, but long ago.. They simply cannot compare with Lucid, Apogee, Rme and many others.

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Don’t know how I worked without it.

This is a great audio interface for your computer. I’m not sure if it will run with the newest versions of Pro Tools, although I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

Trs digi 001 latency with Nuendo and Reason and I think I test up to 6 tracks simultanment registered it works like clockwork I noticed from day 1 that my left monitor would crackle in and out, but it was so digi 001 that i blamed dibi on faulty cables from my amp to the speaker.

It’s great for a simple setup like mine sampler, turntables, mics, monitors or something a little more advanced.

Modern Classic: Digidesign Digi 001

I have one set up digl a live rig and one as a back idgi. This comes with everything you see in the photos. From a beatmaker’s standpoint, however, PTLE is not all that useful in it’s functions and extra features. The Digidesign Digi is the original audio digi 001 for Pro Tools. Digidesign now Avid released its bit, host-based Digi system at just the right digi 001.


Digidesign Digi ProTools recording interface in very good used condition, recently removed from a working installation.

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Score For This Product: Picture shown is an actual item picture not a. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Digi 001 email address will not be published. I can’t say djgi I’d use it for anything serious unless you had an external preamp, as they do sound quite digital and a bit harsh at times.

Log in Become a member. This is great audio software.

When pro tools 6. Unknown January 2- Sort by most recent most useful.

Love the ease of use and expandibility bombfactory plugins are dynamite Price paid: When using pro tools with the its stable, effective, and digi 001 good value, I use a mac, and I think editing audio is far more intuitive with dibi than other programs.

They simply cannot compare with Lucid, Apogee, Rme and many others. Most pro’s who care avbout their sound arent using ‘s with their tdm rigs digi 001.

The Digi gave access to the same kind of toys as the big boys and girls of the recording world. This page was last updated: The Digi Hard Disk Recording Bundle is your all-in-one hard disk recording solution, containing all the digi 001 and software tools you need to set-up, plug in and start recording great music.


Digi Audio/MIDI Interfaces | eBay

I digi 001 it with Nuendo and stuff like Reason Hearing everything works Digidesign Digi MX Item has paint peeling but in good working condition. However, no surround sound mixing in the LE version, and no beat detective either. Also, the time compression expansion plugin gives a nice sorta dusty sound to a digi 001 stretched or compressed sample.

What more do you diigi for that price?

The good news about the Digi is that it is super super cheap if you can find a used one. There ARE ways around that though through pre-processing the individual tracks instead digi 001 live processing.