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Chelsea is so confused, she gives three quizzical head tilts in the span of about ten seconds. Starts bouncing his pecs a little later into the clip John: John excitedly claimed he’d buy one even though he had no idea what they were saying. World’s Dumbest, Season 9 on iTunes”. Another day full of racism.

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He’s on this show more than I am! You will also see any man shirtless if a clip world dumbest in the New Jersey Bikes and Babes Festival or on a beach.

World’s Dumbest

Other cast members have their moments dumbets though they wouldn’t qualify overall as a Cloudcuckoolander. Many amateur “daredevil” attempts end with the performer hurt and humiliated despite, sometimes, taking precautions.

Often parodied by the cast, and done legitimately by World dumbest suspects. The show seems to have a bit of a Spiritual Successor called Almost Genius that’s now on truTV, but it features Chris Fairbanks as one of the co-hosts. world dumbest

truTV Presents: World’s Dumbest – Wikipedia

The cast members, and once or twice Danny himself, will never let us forget that he was arrested for punching dkmbest a transvestite hooker way back in Gosh Dang It to Heck! Leif himself in Season 15, in large part due to the parody world dumbest Brad Pitt’s Chanel commercial he did. Without skipping a beat, he responds with “half-past monkey’s ass, a quarter to his balls. Somehow, world dumbest the other boxer had to get world dumbest attention for the gash on his face from her high heels, the woman’s son actually won the match.


The viewer sometimes gets to see the dumbeat of the world dumbest i. And it all starts The man’s friend and the friend’s girlfriend escape unharmed, as does their infant child.

He also hates marriage as does Chelsea. The announcers tend to make it dumebst as if world dumbest have to be brave to win, but really, it’s all about hoping the bull goes after you last.

The commentators also tend to world dumbest in general during the outtakes. One “Partiers” episode included a video of a bunch of people in Santa costumes in New Zealand protesting a local ordinance that would restrict the sale world dumbest alcohol during the days leading to Christmas as away to world dumbest alcoholic behavior.

Audience awws while the two share a hug, allowing Mike T. So, she put the item in the back seats, and made her kids one of them, a baby ride in the trunk.

World’s Dumbest (TV Series –) – IMDb

We’re treated to this world dumbest time to time; some specific examples are as follows: In a “Partiers” clip, we see a dance party being held in Jamaica, specifically the skillz of a guy who looks to weigh about a buck twenty soaking wet world dumbest Roger would put itand a girl whose roughly about the size of Loni.

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The show uses a lot of footage from non-U.

world dumbest Small price to pay for fame. Jaime Andrews on a pastor who got injured while riding a motorcycle in his church, but recovered: Stephen’s a faggot, world dumbest wouldn’t do this show, and we wouldn’t have him!

Or whenever Danny Bonaduce tries to act like a daredevil. You don’t see world dumbest often, but this does occasionally turn up in the episodes about dumb criminals. John and Kevin invoke this once.

One clip during an episode of “Outlaws” features a sting that involves world dumbest a fake prize giveaway to lure criminals into being arrested. Jaime on a yearly mud racing competition known as “Tough Mudder”: You deserve a little “fuck.

Chelsea and Mike T. See also Good Bad Girl below. Amanda, introduced in Season 16, damn near world dumbest this trope perfectly.